Cub Scout Programs

Cub Scout Programs

Cub Scouts is a year-round family- and home-centered program that develops ethical decision-making skills for boys in the kindergarten through fifth grade (or who are Kinder or 7, 8, 9, and 10 years old).

The Bobcat program is a special program for kindergarteners who want to be involved in Cub Scouting.  This effort is specific to pack 86 and as such these junior cubs are not recognized by the national boy scout organization.   It is just something we thought we should be doing locally.  They will have a chance to experience everything the other boys enjoy, throughout the year. 

The Tiger Cub program for first graders and their adult partners emphasizes shared leadership, learning about the community, and family understanding.
The Wolf Cub  and Bear Cub activities for second and third graders emphasize character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.
Webelos Scouts (fourth and fifth graders) participate in more advanced Webelos Program that begins to prepare them to become Boy Scouts. Fast Tracks help leaders plan each meeting. Resources range from Advancement Policies, Uniform, New Leader Essentials, Pinewood Derby, and Medical Records, to the Bookshelf.

Cub Scout Advancement

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Bobcat For Kindergartners



Most segments don't have any official requirements.  There are segments for sports, arts, hobbies, crafts, etc.  If a scout is involved in such an activity, feel free to order a segment for him.  There are also many segments that are great for den activities, such as visiting a police or fire station, taking a hike, going to a camp, making a craft, performing a skit, etc.

While most segments can be ordered by den leaders, some segments are handled by the pack.  Also, if the pack does pack-wide events such as swimming or bike rodeo, the pack will usually provide segments to all scouts who attend.

Some segments have been discontinued and others have limited stock (meaning they are discontinued by the council). 

Occasionally, a segment will be updated with a new look.  You may see multiple pictures when seeking more information on a segment.  This just means there are multiple versions of the same segment, and the store may carry a mix of the two or just the newer segment.