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Just a reminder to everyone that we will be meeting this Saturday morning at 8am at the church to pass out food bags for Scouting for Food.  We will meet the following Saturday to pick up food donations.  So everyone has two chances (the next two Saturdays) to participate.  If you can't make it this week, please try to come next Saturday since it takes a little more man power to pick up the food.

Brian Walker is our leader for this event.

Here is the map Scouting for food Map

Below are some notes on this activity for 2013.

As you know, the date for passing out Scouting for Food bags is quickly approaching. 

Brian Walker is helping us coordinate this year, with Matt Nickols.  Matt has volunteered year after year to help us make this important contribution as a pack.  If someone else, Mom or Dad, can volunteer to help us along, that would be great, since Brian is already helping us run a Den (2).

How we will organize this year:
A note on the bag drop mechanics… It is important to teach the boys how to loop the bag on the door handles so they don’t blow away.  (People really hate seeing those plastic bags floating around the neighborhood as trash.)  The trick is to take a bag, with one hand holding both handles of the bag (like you were carrying groceries in it) and then put the bottom of the bag through the door handle or wrap it around the door knob, then feed the bottom of the bag through the bag handles and pull it tight.  As you pull it tight the loop created will become snug around the door handle or knob which prevents it from blowing away.
The other ASCS 5th grade basketball team has a game at 10:00am at ASCC.  So if you do the bag drop at 8:00am and the area is near the church, hopefully some of the boys and Dads will participate for about 1 hour.
We will be sure to bring several paper copies of the map of the area so you can divide up the group to have people cover different streets. 

Matt has recommended that we give each group a pair of streets so they started on the west of the zone did one street (both sides) going east and then did one street (both sides) going west so they kind of end up where they started.  With bag drops since you don’t ring the doorbell, two boys on each side of the street and two adults (one driving the car and one walking) works very well.  When you do bag pick-ups since you ring doorbells and have to wait, it is better to have 4 boys with 2 boys on each side leap-frogging each other.
Remember that any house you “bag” you need to pick up the next week.  We never “bagged” any apartments in the area because we did not think we would be able to pick-up that many places the next week.  And indeed we never did pickup in the apartments.

Notes from the District Leader for Scouting for Food
We will be passing out the bags on Saturday, February 9, 2013 and picking them up on Saturday, February 1, 2013.  Attached is a spreadsheet which reflects which areas are being covered by which Pack, Troop and/or Crew.  Thank you each for your participation in this Scout Service Project.  Please note that Areas 6, 11, 22, 72 and 75 do not have any group assigned to them.  If you can take on one of these orphan areas, please let me know.  You help in covering these remaining areas would be greatly appreciated.
Please note that on the attached spreadsheet, there are links to Google maps for each of the areas.  If you have any question on your area, please contact me and hopefully, I can be of assistance.
Thank you all for your willingness to participate in this project and I hope that you each have great success in your areas.
Dan Bruce
Northern Trails Scouting for Food Chairman
CELL:  (214) 704-1885