Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cub Scout
Uniform Details

The Tiger Cub Scout program is for boys who have completed Kindergarten (or are age 7). After earning the Bobcat badge, a boy may earn the Tiger Cub badge by completing 15 achievements involving simple physical and mental skills.

The new Tiger Cub first learns the Cub Scout promise, the Cub Scout sign, and the Cub Scout salute. He is then awarded his Tiger Cub immediate recognition emblem. This is a tiger paw with four strands for beads that he wears on the right pocket.

As a boy completes each part of the Tiger Cub achievements, he will be awarded either an orange (den activities), white (family activities), or black ("Go See It") bead. When the boy has earned five beads of each color, he is eligible to receive his Tiger Cub badge. The Tiger Cub badge is presented to the adult partner at the next pack meeting. In an impressive ceremony, the adult partner in turn presents the badge to the boy.

Tiger Cubs can complete Tiger Cub Electives and Belt Loops and Pins at any time. The Tiger Cub Scout uniform has six parts

Tiger Cub Scout Requirements

First, each Tiger Cub Scout learns the basic of Tiger Cub Scouting:

- Tiger Cub Motto
- Cub Scout Sign
- Cub Scout Salute
When the Tiger Cub Scout learns all of these, he has earned his Tiger Cub Belt Totem, worn on the belt.

After completing the requirements for the Tiger Paw, each Tiger Cub Scout works toward his Tiger Badge by completing one Family, one Den, and one "Go See It" achievement in each of the following areas:

1. Making My Family Special
2. Where I Live
3. Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe
4. How I Tell It
5. Let's Go Outdoors

For each Family achievement completed, the Tiger Cub Scout earns a white totem bead. For each Den achievement completed, he earns an orange totem bead. For each "Go See It" achievement completed, he earns a black totem bead.

When the Tiger Cub Scout completes all fifteen (15) of these, he has earned his Tiger Cub Badge, a patch worn on the left shirt pocket.

After earning his Tiger Cub Badge, the Tiger Cub Scout can also earn Tiger Track Beads by completing elective achievements (ten electives per bead).

The Academics and Sports Program is optionally available to the Tiger Cub.

The Light of Christ Religious Emblem is also available to Catholic Tiger Cub Scouts.
Bob Reis is our Leader for this activity - feel free to contact him at breis972@sbcglobal.net