Wolf Cubs

Wolf Cub Scout
Uniform Details

The Wolf Cub Scout program is for boys who have completed first grade (or are age 8). After earning the Bobcat badge, a boy may earn the Wolf badge by completing 12 achievements involving simple physical and mental skills.

Wolf Cub Scouts can complete Wolf Electives and Belt Loops and Pins at any time.

Wolf Cub Scout Requirements

After completing the Bobcat Trail, each Wolf Cub Scout works toward his Wolf Badge by completing the following twelve (12) achievements:

1. Feats of Skill
2. Your Flag
3. Keep Your Body Healthy
4. Know Your Home and Community
5. Tools for Fixing and Building
6. Start a Collection
7. Your Living World
8. Cooking and Eating
9. Be Safe at Home and on the Street
10. Family Fun
11. Duty to God
12. Making Choices
For each three (3) achievements completed, the Wolf Cub earns a yellow Progress Toward Ranks bead.

When the Wolf Cub completes all twelve (12) achievements, he has earned his Wolf Badge, a patch worn on the left shirt pocket.

After earning his Wolf Badge, the Wolf Cub Scout can also earn Arrow Points (patches) by completing electives (10 elective project per Arrow Point).

The Academics and Sports Program is optionally available to the Wolf Cub.

The Light of Christ Religious Emblem is also available to Catholic Wolf Cub Scouts.

Bob Reis is our leader for this effort and he can be reached at breis972@sbcglobal.net